I pride myself on being able to work with any subject matter and make it visual, engaging and interactive. I love learning about the values and needs of each organization. I get even more excited about understanding what the learning challenge is and how I can help solve that challenge by leveraging existing infrastructure or by leveraging new, innovative ideas and deliveries.

Youth Development Courses

In the last couple of years I’ve had the privilege of designing youth development courses for the University of Minnesota and 4-H Extension programs. Building elearning about youth development allows me to incorporate fresh, bright and innovative designs.

Softskills and Human Resources

elearning for softskills lends itself to opportunity for visual design and storied scenarios that include real-life choices, consequences, and branching. Evoking emotions and feelings can also be brought into play within scenarios. Emotions help build out context, keeps the learner engaged and builds on previous learning experiences.


I pride myself on being able to work with any topic and make it visual and engaging. Modern day instructional designers need ask the right questions in order to: understand what the learners need; chunk the content into digestible pieces; pace the content appropriately; and finally, develop an impactful and engaging experience.

Safety and Regulatory eLearning

Who says regulatory and safety content can’t be interesting. I like to start with an impactful first step, the title page. An engaging title slide grabs the learner’s attention and sets their frame context to the topic. I then continue the engagement throughout with impactful design, concise chunking and a smattering of interactivity.

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